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Why Use Us?

Establishing and understanding our client's requirements is of fundamental importance. It is from this base that the execution plan can be established. Once the plan has been agreed, successful implementation will be achieved through effective and disciplined control and management using the correct blend of services and products.

  • we are fully insured and certified professionals
  • we use certified and established quality products
  • we are in the waterproofing industry for over 10 years
  • we provide guarantees on products and workmanship
  • we are dedicated to superior workmanship and detail
  • we are committed to our customers and ensuring satisfaction

About Turn-Pro

Damian Restall

Damian is responsible for all elements of project management: bidding, contract negotiation, scheduling, coordination and on-site management, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, personnel and subcontractor management and safety.

Damian provides us with sound financial information through cost estimates and cost reporting tools. He also serves as a resource for creative problem solving throughout projects, while ensuring our a commitment to recycling and sustainable building practices in the work place and our deliverables.

Phone: (+356) 9944 8009

Email: damian@turnpro.com.mt